Ty-Wire Tensioned Scree Media

The jump from woven wire cloth to polyurethane can be big – the weight difference alone can significantly alter the performance of your vibrating screen and affect your product quality. Ty-Wire offers greater open area than polyurethane and actually weighs less than wire cloth.

Features and Benefits


  • Ty-Wire is proven to last 4-7 times the life of wire cloth
  • Hooked section installs like woven wire cloth, so no deck conversion or additional hardware is required
  • Manufactured with an engineered composite material over woven wire cloth; it performs similar to polyurethane but offers greater open area
  • Tapered openings virtually eliminate pegging
  • Rugged enough to handle heavy loads in wet or dry applications
  • Lightweight sections help improve safety
  • Decreases noise
  • Available with side- or end-tensioned hooks


Up to 4-inch top size, depending on the application and tonnage.

Temperature Rating: Up to 160 degrees F or 71 degrees C.

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Haver & Boecker Ty-Wire Hybrid Screen Media

Tensioned Screen Media Sections Selection Chart

Ty-Dura sections are abrasive resistant, rubber sections, fabricated with 3/8" to 3" thick rubber and feature square, round or slotted openings. Ty-Plate screen sections are formulated to provide longer screen life and higher open area than conventional perforated plate. Ty-Max sections are manufactured using a specially formulated polyurethane developed for optimum wear resistance. Ty-Wire hybrid screen sections combine the long wear life of polyurethane with the increased open area of wire cloth. Double T sections feature a crimping and weaving design for extended wear life in high impact areas. Double T offers the most cost-effective solution for scalping applications requiring durability and value. Cobra Vibe PQ sections offer enhanced performance by pairing the screening accuracy of a square opening with a self-cleaning action to minimize blinding and pegging. Ty-Clean sections incorporate alternating straight and crimped warp wires into a square opening to provide a self-cleaning action that minimizes blinding and pegging. Tyler Square opening woven wire sections are abrasive resistant, provide accurate sizing and offer great open area. Ton-Cap woven wire sections are specifically designed for high tonnage applications. The unique and durable design handles high capacities without an increase in wire diameter. Ty-Rod screens are woven wire sections with slotted openings to maximize open area. Multi-Shute woven wire sections feature a slotted, custom design tailored to opening and wire diameter needs, resulting in a highly durable media that minimizes blinding.
Ty-Dura Ty-Plate Ty-Max Ty-Wire Double T Cobra Vibe Ty-Clean Tyler Square Ton-Cap Ty-Rod Multi-Shute
Wear Life ••• ••• ••• ••• •• ••
Open Area •• •• ••• •• ••• •• ••• •••
Anti-Blinding •• ••• •• •• ••
Anti-Pegging ••• ••• ••• •• ••

Excellent •••

Very Good ••

Good •