Ty-Max Gets Tough

When the application gets tough, Ty-Max gets you going toward greater profit. These heavy-duty tensioned polyurethane screen sections take on the harshest abrasive materials in the mining and aggregates industries and screen them with ease.

While other polyurethane screens are injection molded, Haver & Boecker uses a specially formulated cast polyurethane that results in a 20 to 30 percent longer wear life. Plus, Ty-Max’s tapered openings virtually

Ty-Max Tensioned Screen Media

W.S. Tyler Ty-Max Tensioned Screen Media

eliminate pegging for even more efficient screening. Together, this means fewer screen change-outs, resulting in less downtime and greater productivity.

Standard Ty-Max: A woven-wire grid welded to tensioning hooks, which eliminate the need for laborious deck conversions, means it’s ready for aggressive applications.

Heavy-Duty Ty-Max: Need an even tougher option? Our Heavy-Duty Ty-Max works great under extreme pressure at the feed end. It takes on substantial layered phases or applications with extremely large material top sizes.

Dual Durometer Ty-Max: When you need openings greater than 2 inches in hard-hitting applications, this is the way to go. The durable polyurethane easily absorbs the impact in wet or dry applications.

Ready to see how a Ty-Max option fits your operation? Call 1-855-978-9537 for a consultation or request a copy of The Rock Book for more detailed product information.

Steve Fair About Steve Fair

Steve Fair is the Tyler engineered media manager at Haver & Boecker. He has more than 21 years of industry experience and works with customers to identify screening challenges, improve their screening applications and increase screening efficiency. You can reach him at +1-905-688-2644 or contact us for more information.