Test Your Materials

Haver & Boecker offers two ways for customers to test their materials in a Hydro-Clean unit.


1. The first of these options is our 13,000-square-foot facility in Conyers, Georgia. Customers send a sample of material to be tested on a laboratory Hydro-Clean unit. The test determines the percentage of particles minus 200 mesh, which allows Haver & Boecker technicians to identify the amount of clay in the material to determine whether the material can be successfully cleaned in the aggregate washer. After confirmation, Haver & Boecker sends a Hydro-Clean test kit for the customer to fill with about 1.5 tons of material to be tested at the Hydro-Clean Test Plant.

2. The second option is the Hydro-Clean Mobile Test Plant. This machine is mounted on a chassis for easy movement from place to place. Customers can schedule a site visit for testing to determine whether a stationary Hydro-Clean would be beneficial.


Both options give customers a fast, risk-free option for testing challenging materials to determine profit potential.


Those interested in testing materials should call 1-800-325-5993.

Hydrolean Testing Facility