Six Ways to Make Your Aggregate Business More Profitable

More and more frequently, aggregate business owners realize how productive and efficient their operations can be by investing in the right programs and services. They know that implementing innovative tools and services will minimize downtime and put more money in their pocket. It doesn’t get much better than that. Here are six key things to consider when you’re looking to make more money in aggregates.

  1. High-Production Equipment: Update your washing plant with a high-pressure aggregate washing machine. Not only does it accelerate your washing process, but its high-speed nozzles get deep into cracks and crevices to turn what was once waste material into sellable product — all while minimizing water and energy costs.
  2. Proper Installation: Get expert advice on screen media types and installation to maximize equipment service life and uptime while saving on costly repairs. Have an expert technician evaluate your screen media type and placement, train personnel on proper installation and work side-by-side with your team to developMake your aggregate business more profitable preventative maintenance schedules.
  1. Anytime Service: Partner with a reliable company with a good history that will provide service, when needed, within a day’s notice. This will keep you running at OEM standards rather than dealing with days of downtime.
  1. Innovative Technology: Take advantage of technology that provides real-time feedback to help monitor how your equipment is operating. Performing real-time vibration analysis will optimize screen performance and equipment durability.
  1. Available OEM Parts: Rely on a manufacturer with standard, OEM parts stocked in a facility and ready to ship. This will prevent extended downtime and
    ensure your equipment is running at peak efficiency.
  1. Partners for Success: Choose a manufacturer that doesn’t just sell a product but partners with you and understands your industry and processes. A company that can serve as your one-stop shop for operational needs — from processing to storage to loading — gives you the best combination of aggregate products, services and expertise.

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