The Results Are In!

Back in November, we expressed our excitement about the launch of our new 13,000-square-foot Hydro-Clean™ testing facility in Conyers, Georgia. This unique facility gives customers a fast, risk-free option for testing materials to determine profit potential. The Hydro-Clean wash plant can effectively clean a variety of materials while minimizing water and energy usage.

Customers across North America have been testing their materials with our wash plant, and many have quickly decided to purchase their own. Here’s a glimpse at some recent test results.

Case Study 1: Aggregate Production Facility, Central-Midwest U.S.

The inaugural Hydro-Clean test of the year involved an aggregate production facility that specializes in slag processing. Prior to testing the Hydro-Clean, the customer used a log washer to clean the slag. Although this method was successful, it was wasteful, using 1,200 gallons of water per minute. Unsatisfied with the results, they called us. Using the Hydro-Clean and a dewatering screen, we managed to clean the slag using just 400 gallons of water per minute – one-third of the amount used with the previous method.

The company was pleased with the results and purchased a HC 2000 of its own.

Case Study 2: Lawn Stone Production Facility, Southeast U.S.

An aggregate facility in the Southeastern U.S. that specializes in lawn stones opted to test the Hydro-Clean’s washing capabilities on its incredibly challenging materials. To begin with, the stones were covered with 23 percent clay, and the stones’ pores were deeply contaminated. A pre-wash knocked that down to 16 percent contamination, and the second wash resulted in less than 2.5 percent clay. The customer was satisfied with the results.

“This was a dirty job, worse than usual,” said Michael Honea, Haver & Boecker process engineer. “The Hydro-Clean’s washing capabilities are unparalleled, and this test really demonstrated that.”

Across North America, customers are finding success with the testing process as the Hydro-Clean wash plant improves profitability and decreases costs. It gives customers a quick, no-commitment option to see how their site might produce a more sellable product.

Ready to conduct your own test? Just call us at 1-800-325-5993. In the meantime, watch the Hydro-Clean in action.