Profile Wire

Profile Wire Specialty Screen Media

Profile Wire, or Wedge Wire, allows a high level of precision and efficiency in screening applications. The wedge shape of the Profile Wire provides a large opening for material to flow between the wires.

Features and Benefits


Large open slots increase screening efficiency and promote precise sizing.


This design enhances efficiency by substantially reducing blinding and pegging.



For applications where sizing accuracy is critical

Ideal for reducing blinding and pegging

Flat Panel Screens

Flat, framed and unframed panels can be manufactured with rectangular or round support rods.  Flat panel screens magnify vibration with drum-tight tension and withstand violent vibrating action.

Sieve Screens

Used in static sieves, our sieve screens can be manufactured in flat, curved, and cylindrical styles based on your application.  Because static sieves have no moving parts, you can achieve high efficiency.  They can also be used for dewatering.  Aggregate and mining applications include coal, potash, taconite, sand or gravel.  Chemical applications included fertilizer.  Food applications include potatoes, other vegetables, sugar, cornstarch,  and cereal.


Screen baskets serve as centrifugal liners and are typically used in mineral processing for coal, potash, salt, sand, pulp and paper.  They can also be used in chemical applications and refuse removal from oil and gas drillers.