How Technology is Transforming the Mining Industry

Automation. We encounter it daily. From the advancements of autonomous cars to the introduction of robotic surgery, automation is everywhere. And, more and more frequently, we are seeing how efficiency and organization on jobsites is heightened by the use of these tools, even in the mining industry.

Now, automation has further enhanced with the growth of wireless technology and better Internet service in remote areas.

One of the latest technologies developed for mining is Pulse vibration analysis service program. Developed by Haver & Boecker, the vibration analysis software allows mining operations, for the first time ever, to monitor screening performance in real time.

Sound interesting? Here’s how it works:HBC_image_PULSE_Right_Login

Haver & Boecker engineers designed Pulse specifically to monitor the health of vibrating screens. That real-time feedback ensures optimized screen performance and equipment durability. The system uses a wireless, industrial-grade tablet computer and eight tri-axial sensors to detect abnormalities the human eye cannot, such as a hairline crack in a side plate. Even the slightest irregularities can result in diminished performance, decreased efficiency and increased operating costs for the vibrating screen.

The sensors attach to key places on a machine to send 24 channels of data to your tablet immediately — illustrating the machine’s orbit, acceleration, deviations and more. But, the data is only the beginning.

Haver & Boecker’s trained and experienced engineers receive the data through the system’s database, review, study and interpret the results, and provide a detailed report of any concerns that might diminish productivity and efficiency. If an irregularity is detected, the service team is then dispatched for on-site service, which keeps you on top of preventative maintenance and ensures your operation is running smoothly, at maximum efficiency.

The system stores vibration analysis reports for easy access to each machine’s historical data, allowing for quick comparison over time and easy troubleshooting. Overall the Pulse vibration analysis service program gives you the tools to help minimize downtime and put more money in your pocket — what more could you want?

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Douglas Lima About Douglas Lima

Douglas Lima is the service manager for Haver & Boecker. He has 34 years of industry experience. Lima performs on-site inspections and develops customized service plans to help customers improve equipment efficiency. Contact us for more information.