Custom Designs


As a premium screening solutions company, Haver & Boecker goes above and beyond to offer customizations on vibrating screens. In circumstances requiring certain specifications, Haver & Boecker works directly with the customer to discuss needs, take measurements, complete the design and fulfill the requirements. Here are a few recent examples of how our team worked with our customer to provide a customized solution.

Custom mobile screening plant

When Gabriel Aubé Inc. came calling, Haver & Boecker listened — and moved quickly. In less than five weeks, Haver & Boecker completely overhauled Gabriel Aubé’s mobile plant and provided new vibrating screens. The company, which serves northwest Quebec to northeast Ontario, soon was running at top production speed with a design built to suit their specific needs rather than fighting to implement another of the industry’s “me too” products that don’t always fit right.

Customized feeding station

A customer had excess oversize making it to its Hydro-Clean plant. The company needed something to scalp materials prior to the Hydro-Clean. Located in a remote site, the customer needed a skid-mounted feeding plant.


Haver & Boecker customized the skid-mounted feeder, manufacturing it with portability and batch feeding in mind. Haver & Boecker designed the feeder to absorb the impact and batch-feed the F-Class. The feeder prevented the company from dumping materials directly onto the screen and eliminated the need for a conveyor belt. This was necessary because the customer lacked space and an additional power source.


F-Class Vibrating Screen