What is PROcheck?

PROCheck Wheel

PROcheck is designed to help maximize your plant’s profit, productivity, and proficiency. Each evaluation combines our signature Pulse Vibration Analysis software with a thorough machine inspection and screen media audit to increase your production and reduce unscheduled downtime.

Here’s How it Works

Our certified Haver & Boecker engineers follow a detailed PROcheck list. Below we’ve outlined what each PROcheck analysis includes, which demonstrates the technologies and services we offer to keep your equipment running at peak performance.

Pulse vibration analysis


Diagnostic tools, including Pulse Vibration Analysis technology maximize uptime by identifying problems before they become critical.


Processing Equipment

Determine the right screening, washing or pelletizing equipment to meet your product specifications.

Engineered Screen Media

Engineered Screen Media

Monitor the phases of screening — layered, basic or sharp — to determine the best screen media for your operation.

OEM Parts

Original Parts

Detect which original parts need replacing before they cause you downtime.

Machine Rebuild

Rebuilds & Upgrades

Determine if a rebuild or upgrade will restore your equipment to factory conditions, saving you new equipment costs.

Pulse Service


Maintain your processing equipment, train your personnel on proper operation, and work with your team to develop a preventative maintenance program to extend the life of your equipment.

Plant System

Plants & Systems

PROcheck links our core screening, washing and pelletizing technologies with supplementary components to provide a complete plant or system.

NIAflow software

Process Engineering

Process expertise is complimented by NIAflow simulation software to provide expert process engineering for plant optimization.