Ty-Wire Hybrid Screen Media Offers Benefits of Polyurethane with Woven Wire Cloth

Combining the durability and longevity of polyurethane composite with the greater open area and cost-effective characteristics of woven wire cloth, Ty-Wire screen media from Haver & Boecker offers a highly efficient screening alternative to traditional screen media. Featuring a unique design that delivers as much as 80 percent more open area than modular polyurethane, Ty-Wire minimizes blinding and virtually eliminates pegging to increase screening efficiency and operational uptime. The unique hybrid design also reduces maintenance costs and enhances product longevity, especially in aggregates applications.

Because materials and applications vary greatly from one operation to another, 100 percent polyurethane or woven wire screen media aren’t necessarily the ideal fit. Characterized by its resilient, low-maintenance qualities, polyurethane is a common screen media choice, but for many applications it can be more than what is required to screen effectively. A lower-cost option — woven wire — is productive, yet can fall short of yielding the longevity required in many applications. Ty-Wire blends polyurethane composite and woven wire into an affordable, practical option that’s also designed to maximize screening efficiency and productivity.

Made with high-carbon woven wire encased with engineered polyurethane composite, Ty-Wire withstands high temperatures and tonnages, and is guaranteed to last at least four times longer than wire cloth.

Featuring a tapered opening design, Ty-Wire releases more near-sized material, allowing it to perform as a self-cleaning screen. The top of each opening is narrower than the bottom, preventing plugging of near and oversize material, a common effect of centerline sizing designs. The combination increases uptime and profits while eliminating inefficiencies and unnecessary downtime for cleaning screen media.

Ty-Wire is compatible with any vibrating screen and requires no deck conversion before installation. Typically, a switch from a woven wire cloth, which requires a cambered deck, to a product that sits flat, such as polyurethane, requires a costly deck conversion. However, Ty-Wire is available in both modular panels for a flat deck and hooked sections for a cambered deck, making it ideal for the aggregates industry.

Whether screening wet or dry materials, Ty-Wire is effective for screening in virtually any application. The screens are available with clear openings, ranging from 1/8 to 1-5/8 inches, thicknesses from 5/16 to 5/8 inch, and open area from 23.5 to 58.7 percent.

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