Ty-Rail™ Quick-Tensioning System

The patented Ty-Rail™ quick-tensioning system cuts screen change-out time in half, drastically reducing costly downtime and improving productivity and profit for a fast return on investment.

Ty-Rail is designed to fit Tyler side-tensioned vibrating screens and is standard on each machine. Ty-Rail can also be installed when refurbishing older Tyler machines that have 3-bend tension rails.


For non-Tyler side-tensioned vibrating screens, please consult the measurement guide below to determine if it is compatible with your machine.

How It Works

  1. Loosen tension bolts and shift locking plates up
  2. Lift tension rail out
  3. Change screen media
  4. Move tension rail back into place
  5. Shift locking plates down and tighten tension bolts

Calculate your ROI below!

Assuming one screen change-out takes on hour.

Ty-Rail Quick-Tensioning System

Ty-Rail Kit

Each Ty-Rail kit contains two tensions rails along with all of the bolts and angle boxes required to tension one 4-foot or 5-foot section.

Measurement Guide

Determine if Ty-Rail can be installed on a non-Tyler brand vibrating screen by consulting the measurement guide below.

Bolt Pattern on Side-Plate

Ty-Rail Bolt Pattern

Installation and Operation Clearance

Ty-Rail Installation and Operation Clearance

Dimensions for Measuring

Ty-Rail Measurement Specs

Standard on:  T-Class  |  F-Class  |  XL-Class  |  L-Class  |  UML-Class