Lafarge Presque Isle’s High Screening Demands Met

Lafarge Presque Isle’s High Screening Demands Met With One Solution: W.S. Tyler’s F-Class

Acquired in 2000 by Paris-based Lafarge Corporation, the Lafarge Presque Isle quarry is one of nearly 1,600 worldwide production sites under the Lafarge umbrella. As a leading materials producer in the U.S., offering everything from standard construction and asphalt stone to unique high calcium limestone, the Presque Isle quarry relies on the heart of its operation to ensure uptime remains high. For them, this heartbeat comes from a fleet of 14 F-Class vibrating screens from W.S. Tyler, which operates on a 24-hours-a-day, five-days-a-week schedule.

Since the Presque Isle screen house had several floors, the operators needed a fleet that would transmit minimal or no vibrations into the structure. W.S. Tyler’s four-bearing F-Class vibrating screen was large enough to meet efficiency expectations yet also would fit logistical needs.


14 Tyler F-Class vibrating screens operate on a 24-hours-a-day, five-days-a-week schedule.

Dave Nelson, Presque Isle’s manager, and Dennis Skaluba, the plant engineer, purchased a new fleet of 14 machines of slightly varying sizes, based on the location within the screen house.

Sizing Up Results

Presque Isle increased screening area by 60 percent while staying within the designated footprint and vibration limitations. The biggest impact, however, was realized in efficiency, the most dramatic example coming through in their one-inch-minus material. The company’s loading rate increased by 50 percent – mainly because they were producing a cleaner product.

In addition to the minimal vibration offered by the screens’ consistent stroke and G-force, the F-Class’ eccentric design also optimizes screening performance, resulting in virtually no blinding and pegging issues. While the one-inch-minus material was the clear leader in terms of increased efficiency, Nelson says the company saw about a 15 percent increase in overall load rates within the first year.