Haver & Boecker Offers New Refurbishment Program

Refurbished Machine

Haver & Boecker’s new refurbishment program can save customers as much as 40 percent over buying new while having the assurance that their refurbished machines will run at peak capacity.

Haver & Boecker announces the addition of a refurbishment program to its breadth of services and equipment for the mining and aggregate industries. The new program gives customers the opportunity to save as much as 40 percent over buying new while having the assurance that their refurbished machines will operate at peak capacity.

“As an industry leader, we offer our customers an array services and upgrades to improve their equipment and add value to their process, which is why we added refurbishment to our circle of offerings,” said Karen Thompson, president of Haver & Boecker Canada. “Providing an assortment of programs and services increases overall savings for our customers and maximum equipment life.”

As part of the program, Haver & Boecker’s technicians inspect and document all critical components and parts on a vibrating screen onsite or at the new Haver Service Center in St. Catharines, Ontario. Each customer then receives a complete report documenting the specialists’ recommendations. Technicians improve screening performance by implementing necessary upgrades using both new and re-engineered components.

Refurbishments can take as little as one week to complete, depending on the scope of the work. They include everything from installing wear liners to replacing the shaft or adding an automatic lubrication system to extend bearing life. Following the refurbishment, Haver & Boecker tests vibrating screens with Tyler’s Pulse vibration analysis service program, which monitors the health of vibrating screens to ensure optimum screening performance and equipment durability.

Once completed, the machine is painted and leaves the Haver Service Center looking brand new.

All refurbishments include a one-year warranty. For more extensive coverage, customers may opt into an asset management program tailored to each operation that includes monthly, quarterly or yearly equipment audits by certified technicians, who work toward increasing equipment lifespan.

Haver & Boecker technicians have the skills to perform refurbishments on all brands and ages of equipment. For more information, contact Haver & Boecker at 800-325-5993 or [email protected], or go to www.havercanada.com.

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