Ask the Expert- Peter Kilmurray, Vice President, Sales

Peter Kilmurray

Peter Kilmurray,
Senior Sales Manager

You’ve been on the road a lot since you started. Why?
Since joining W.S. Tyler earlier this year, I have been visiting customer sites with each of our eight technical sales managers to ensure our customers are using the best equipment setup for their operations and applications.

What are some of the changes happening at W.S. Tyler?
We’re implementing an aftermarket program that involves post-sale follow-ups, equipment testing and technical support. The program includes vibration analysis, rebalancing and recalibration of the customer’s vibrating screens, and regular return visits to the site. We’re proactively making sure our customers’ machines are running properly and reaching 100 percent capability. We know our experience can save them money and prevent downtime.

You can’t completely prevent downtime. How do you minimize it?
We know the harsh environments our machines encounter every day. At some point, replacement parts will be needed. Downtime costs money. If we want to guarantee our customers won’t be down for more than one day, we need to keep a close eye on our inventory. We stock parts in St. Catharines, Ontario; Edmonton, Alberta; Conyers, Georgia and Phoenix, Arizona, to ensure quick shipping times to anywhere in North America.


Peter Kilmurray brings 20 years of electrical engineering and business administration experience to W.S. Tyler.