3 Innovative Tools to Improve Productivity

Achieving the most productivity possible with vibrating screens, to gain the best output, is the goal of any operation. Fortunately, new methods and equipment designs make efficiency and profitability easier than ever.

Here are three ways Haver & Boecker innovations are impacting the industry:

Simplified Maintenance

Downtime costs a lot. Haver & Boecker’s new Split-Bucket Mounting System cuts servicing time in half on Tyler F-Class vibrating screens. The patented system gives you easy access to critical components, which simplifies maintenance and bearing changes. Prior to these improvements, technicians had to disconnect the rubber mounts and unscrew 15 bolts to remove the side arm. Haver & Boecker’s split-bucket system allows you to remove the side arm and split buckets together after removing only eight bolts. It is now engineered into all new machines, and is available for upgrade on older models.


Haver & Boecker’s Uptime Service Technology Package, gives customers a long-term partnership geared toward reducing downtime.

Haver & Boecker’s Uptime Service Technology Package, gives customers a long-term partnership geared toward reducing downtime.

Maximum Uptime

You know that uptime is critical to your success. Now, a service that helps you reduce downtime lasts more than a year after purchasing a vibrating screen. Haver & Boecker’s optional Uptime Service Technology Package, the industry’s first and only three-year warranty program, gives you a long-term partnership geared toward reducing downtime. It includes two regularly scheduled site visits from trained technicians who thoroughly inspect all parts and perform an equipment and screen media assessment. From there, the technicians use Haver & Boecker’s signature

Pulse vibration analysis program to examine the speed, stroke and performance of the vibrating screen. That means three years of maximum uptime and profits, as well as peace of mind.

Increased Mobility

Productivity can hinge on your equipment’s portability and reliability. That’s why Haver & Boecker developed the new portable F-Class vibrating screen. The machine’s mobility maximizes flexibility and ROI for your operation. It does this with a base frame that easily attaches to a custom-built chassis. The chassis includes a hydraulic system to set up or lower the vibrating screen in less than 30 minutes. Plus, you can customize the portable F-Class to include a crusher system for more versatility.


Ready to improve productivity? Visit the Haver & Boecker website to learn more about how these innovations can improve efficiency and reduce maintenance. Then, call your local representative to get a customized solution.